• Olimpia Splendid Aquaria Slim 14P Dehumidifier Olimpia Splendid Aquaria Slim 14P Dehumidifier
    The slimmest dehumidifier in our range, only 185mm thick, is easy to use with its digital touch display, rotating castors and built-in handles. Now with natural cooling gas R290 for minimal impact on environment and global warming. Features Include:
    1. SLIM DESIGN - Thanks to its thickness of 185 mm and the wheels, it is handy and easy to transport.
    2. HUMIDITY CONTROL - Customize your comfort, manually or automatically.
    3. TOUCH DISPLAY - The modern touch display makes it easier to set the controls.
    Suitable for – Household Domestic Residences, Boats, Mobile Homes, Caravans, Holiday Homes etc.
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    Olimpia Splendid 18P Dehumidifier

    Aquaria 18P Dehumidifier

    249.00 Inc. Vat
    The dehumidifier that guarantees the right humidity (even in the laundry room) and healthier air, thanks to activated carbon dust filters. The digital control panel allows adjusting the comfort level and programming the operation of the dehumidifier. Aquaria 18 P is eco-friendly because it uses R290 natural refrigerating gas with low environmental impact.
    1. Humidity and temperature display visualization on digital control panel.
    2. Laundry Mode for quick drying of laundry.
    3. Anti-dust filter and active carbon filter for better air quality.
    4. 24 hours on-off Timer.
    5. Auto Function keeps relative humidity at optimal level (60% U.R.).
    6. Sleep Function lowest fan speed.
    7. Turbo Function maximum fan speed.
    Suitable for - Household Domestic Residences, Boats, Mobile Homes, Caravans, Holiday Homes etc.
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    Aquaria 22P Dehumidifier

    299.00 Inc. Vat
    The ideal dehumidifier to remove moisture in rooms with low temperatures, thanks to the auto-defrost technology. Select the level of humidity and set the time via the digital control panel, while the LED display shows the room temperature. Aquaria 22 P is eco-friendly because it uses R290 natural refrigerating gas with low environmental impact. Features Include:
    1. Digital Control Panel - LED display and digital controls to set all functions.
    2. Humidity Control - Humidity level control and room temperature display.
    3. Auto Defrost Technology - Defrosting for efficient operating even at low temperatures.
    4. Dehumidification capacity - 22 l / 24h*
    5. Removable tank capacity -  5.5 litres
    6. Auto Function -  keeps relative humidity at optimal level (60% U.R.)
    7. Sleep Function - lowest fan speed
    8. Turbo Function - maximum fan speed
    * DB 32°C - WB 29°C (32°C - 80% RH)
  • SeccoProf 28 Dehumidifier

    595.00 Inc. Vat
    SeccoProf is a high capacity product, suitable for dehumidifying large areas also in professional premises (work sites, storage cellars, basements). SeccoProf28 is equipped with an effective, intuitive electronic panel with display to show and programme the level of humidity. An important function that can be selected through the electronic display is the SuperDry function, which activates continuous, super-fast dehumidification.
    1. Non-Stop Operating – The constant condensation disposal allows uninterrupted dehumidification.
    2. Super Power – SeccoProf can absorb up to 28l of excess humidity per day.
    3. Digital Control – Electronic multifunction panel which can be used to set the desired humidity level.
    Product Specifications:
    • Dehumidification capacity: 28 l/24h*
    • Tank capacity: 10 l
    • Digital control
    • LCD Display
    • Maximum volume of dehumidification: 250 m³
    • Brand: Olimpia Splendid
    • Product Code: 01208
  • Aura Di Air Purifier

    285.00 Inc. Vat
    Make the air in your home pure: the Aura Di purifier has 5 filtering stages (pre-filter, HEPA, active carbon plus UV germicidal lamp and ionizer), which allows them to purify the room and withhold particles. Its multi-function control panel also displays the quality of the air, so you can adjust the level of your well-being.
    1. Filtering Options - Effective filters divided into anti-dust filter, a HEPA filter that withholds 95% of the particulate and an active carbon filter to control odours.
    2. UV Sterilizer & Ionizer - Thanks to the UV light and the ionizer, it eliminates bacteria, germs and viruses and replicates the pleasant sensation felt in the open air on a sunny day.
    3. Automatic Adjustment - As well as perceiving the air quality in the room, it self-adjusts ventilation speed depending on the quality of air detected and perceived.
    Additional Features Include:
    • Germicidal UV light.
    • Filter pack removable from front panel.
    • Particulate concentration digital indicator.
    • Automatic fan speed operation according to the quality of air detected.
    • Filter duration up to 2000 h.
    • 8h timer.
    • Sleep/Turbo Function.
    • 3 air flow rate settings.

By managing moisture the level of moisture in your home or at work you are helping to prevent any possible structural damage. A dehumidifier is an electrical device which helps to decrease and manage humidity levels in the air, wherever you may place it. Dehumidifiers are helpful in eliminating various odours or smells and can help to stop any mold or mildew growing. Dehumidifiers work by pulling water out from the air around it. For a person with allergies, for example asthma or if they live in a hot and humid climate, a dehumidifier can help alleviate symptoms meaning a better quality of health.

Why you should own a dehumidifier:

  • Dehumidifiers are proven in reducing the various smells and odours that accompany mold and mildew when they start to grow.
  • By keeping the air fresh, they help to prevent mold growing on windows, curtains, carpets and other furniture and surfaces.
  • They help to reduce the amount of dust in a room which can trigger allergies. By doing this they are removing potential allergens reduce allergens while also shortening the cleaning time required.

It is possible for spores of mold and mildew to travel through ventilation systems and can build up in the walls buildings. Even if your home or office space is regularly cleaned, allergens will more than likely be found and in this humidity they will come back or grow. Areas that have a limit on the ventilation levels are at a greater risk of moisture damage. Even if they are in a warm and dry climate.

Attics, lofts, basements and crawl spaces are areas in a home or building that can be prone to dampness and potentially cause rotting. With a reduced level of humidity ion a room rusting or airborne damage to tools, electronics and computers will be less likely. Dehumidifiers assist with creating a healthy indoor environment.

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