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  • Homecare & Cleancare Accessories 32mm - 150mm Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle. Available For: Henry HVR200, Henry Compact HVR160, Hetty HET200, Hetty Compact HET160, Henry Xtra HVX200, Henry Micro HVR200M, Harry HHR200, George GVE370, Charles CVC370, Henry Professional HVR240, Henry Cordless HVB160, James JVP180, PSP180, PSP240, PSP370, NQS250, NQS250B, PBT230, NVQ200, NVQ370, NVQ380, MFQ370, CRQ370, AVQ250, AVQ380, NBV190, PPT220, PPT390, PPR240, PPR370, PPH320, NRP240 & NBV240 Brand: Numatic Product Code: 601146 Availability: In Stock

    Numatic International Product Catalogue 2019

  • Henry Vacuum TriTex Filter 305mm Henry Vacuum TriTex Filter 305mm

    Henry TriTex Filter 305mm

    37.55 Inc. Vat
    Henry’s high-efficiency, TriTex filter system provides enhanced filtration, meaning what goes in, stays in. Not sure which size is right for your Henry or Hetty? The label under the handle on...
    • High-efficiency Filtration
    • What Goes in, Stays in
    • Made to Last

    Sizing: The label under the handle on Henry, Hetty or Harry (or on the rear of your machine for James, Charles & George) will contain the model number. The 12" Filter Kit will fit machines including "180," "200," "240" or "370" in their number, the 11" Filter Kit will fit 160 machines.  Please note separate option for Henry Allergy owners.

    Available For:
    • Henry, Hetty & Harry Vacuum.
    • Charles CVC370, George GVE370.
    • NQS250, NQS250B, NVQ200, NVQ370.
    • NVQ380, HZ570, HZ900, WV470.
    • AVQ250, AVQ380, WV370, WV380.
    • TEL390, TEM390A, HZ390L, HZ390S.

    Numatic International Product Catalogue 2019

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