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If it isn’t already, using commercial vacuums should be an essential part of every your every day office cleaning routine. If not whoever does the cleaning for you or who is contracted to do so. Along with the now obvious deep clean and sanitization due to Covid-19, mopping, dusting and more, your office needs a regular and thorough commercial vacuuming. This is a part of every successful office cleaning rota.

Commercial vacuuming incorporates industrial style equipment that is designed for regular heavy duty prolonged usage. These type of vacuums have specially designed power cords to keep your office safe and prevent sparking.

Commercial vacuums have multiple benefits. This makes them far more effective in an office setting, than a smaller traditional vacuum.  A visually appealing interior for clients and the cleanest working environment for employees means proper cleaning. This means a high quality commercial vacuum cleaner must be available. Whether it is to be used by internal cleaners or external contractors.

While they do have to be maintained in the correct manner and cost that little bit extra, you should know that when purchasing a commercial vacuum you will not be disappointed. McKechnie Cleaning Services provides the highest quality vacuums as part of our Numatic Cleancare Range

Commercial vacuuming is better for the environment. As opposed to than the old fashioned method of wet mopping or carpet cleaning. Mopping and normal carpet cleaning rely on water. Vacuums take a more environmentally friendly approach. Commercial vacuums rely on greater powerful suction and faster circulation of air.

While commercial vacuums obviously require electricity if not battery operated, the greater suction power gets the job done much faster and more effectively than your normal domestic Henry Vacuum, which offsets the cost of electricity. As a result, daily commercial vacuuming cleans the dirt from the fibers within the mat or carpet. This in turn then allows them to hold onto more dirt. Keeping your office feeling fresher and cleaner for longer.

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