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Before Covid-19 sanitizing products were important. Now they are essential. As a result hygiene products are now an everyday part of our lives. This applies to schools, offices and homes throughout the country. For the time being at least. Hand sanitizers are important because they safely remove germs, bacteria as well as other contaminants.

Applying or using sanitizing products is now essential during the current pandemic. As a result, by applying or using sanitizing products, the user is reducing the microbial count on a surface or on their hands. Sanitizers are very effective by attacking germs. The aim is to kill germs that could potentially infect those they come into contact with. Sanitizers are now deemed as critical supplies to keep our home, office or leisure environments safe and clean.

Hand sanitizers are now used multiple times throughout the day. People wear face masks when out in public or in shops. Face shields are also worn. Sales of PPE have skyrocketed. Dispensers are now everywhere around the workplace. Hygiene stations are critical in storing all the supplies in one safe location. Hand sanitizers are most effective when you use the right amount, rub it in until dry and not at the wrong time i.e. when your hands are dirty. It does not clean your hands.

Using sanitizing products, helps to reduce waste, promotes healthy hygiene and most importantly – helps stops infections from spreading. As a result, Covid-19 has changed the way both people and businesses approach hygiene and cleaning. Sanitizing products have now become the norm and not the afterthought. At McKechnie Cleaning Services we source Irish manufactured products where possible.

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