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Scrubber dryers & floor machines by Numatic are the most often commonly recommended machines for indoor floor cleaning. Commercially or industrially.

They are used to clean, buffer, scrub and polish multiple types of surfaces in various environments. Cleaning Equipment such as this, should be as part of your regular maintenance cleaning schedule. However they may also be used during a deep clean or the cleaning of non-abrasive surfaces.

Numatic scrubber dryers come in two forms: walk-behind or ride-on. Customers have the option for battery or mains powered dryers. A scrubber dryer uses mechanically driven, rotating floor pads or brushes during the cleaning process.  The floor pads come in varying abrasives depending on where you are cleaning and the type of surface. A cleaning solution combined of water and special detergent should be for maximum results.

When moving forward, the scrubber dryer releases the mixture into the rotating brushes/pads. The motion of the brushes/pads combined with the mixture is what actually does the cleaning. As the user continues, the squeegee located at the back, collects any remaining dirt. This is then pumped to the recovery tank which then should be emptied after use.

Using the Numatic brand scrubber dryers you can cover up to thousands of square metres.

Scrubber Dryers and Floor Machines can be used on all types of flooring except for carpet, natural wood flooring or suspended floorings. When purchasing a scrubber dryer it is always important to note the type of floor on which the machine will be used, the brush or pad type required and water quantity to be used. There are multiple reasons to use one of these machines, as opposed to traditional methods:

  1. More hygienic due to the detergent solution and technology applied providing greater results every time.
  2. It is far safer, easy to operate for the user, less manual stress and saves on time and money.
  3. Scrubber dryers are environmentally friendly. The dosing system releases the perfect amount and combination of the cleaning solution for the task. No more, no less

Like all machines, scrubber dryers should be serviced once annually to ensure efficiency and performance levels. Filters should also be cleaned on a regular basis. After each usage dirty water that has been collected should be emptied and the recovery tank rinsed. Squeegee rubbers may also need to be wiped down. Battery operated machines may need to be charged.

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