The Builders Initial Clean – also referred to as builders or construction cleaning – requires the most advanced and robust equipment combined with heavy duty cleaning materials for effective results. A Builders Initial Clean is not the same as a general or domestic clean. A clean of this nature take part if two phases:

1. Removal of waste of leftover materials, dusting and removal of any debris. This phase is typically carried out during the construction process to allow for installation of appliances and furnishings. Many construction companies avail of this service from us prior to a client walk through to spot and trade or building defects. It is essential that all dust, dirt and debris re correctly and safely removed before phase two can begin.

2. The second phase involves the complete elimination of trade defects like material splatter, fine particle dusting of all areas, grout removal, detailing of tiles, cleaning of paint markings, wipe down of all walls, floors, ceilings and any polishing or buffering as required.

McKechnie Cleaning Services employs a specially trained and highly experienced team in the Builders Initial Clean area who are accustomed to operating in building and construction environments, which often can be quite challenging.

McKechnie Cleaning Services have an advanced selection of industrial and hazardous vacuums and other equipment which we would use on these cleans. Each contract clean is tailored specifically to meet client needs and equipment chosen to suit the environment at hand.

Builders Initial or Construction Cleaning is provided at times that take into account client working hours ensuring minimum disruption and reduction of overheads. Builders Initial Clean is one of the many specialist Cleaning Services on offer at McKechnie Cleaning Services. It is an essential cleaning service within the construction sector.