Simply put Industrial Cleaning is the cleaning of a hazardous or vulnerable area in an industrial facility such as factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and any other type of industrial facility.

As a leader in industrial cleaning Mckechnie Cleaning Services employs a dedicated full-time industrial cleaning division. Through the combination of experienced staff, with the very best of equipment and materials, a quick and efficient service is provided at all times. Our fleet carries a selection of equipment including pressure washers and a range of industrial vacuum systems to meet a variety of needs and spaces.

Our aim is to provide the best service possible every time to our clients no matter big or small. No matter your operating methods, times or techniques – we can tailor a cleaning plan to suit you.

Through our research team and regular customer feedback at McKechnie Cleaning Services we employ the latest and most innovative techniques available to the cleaning industry. This includes Chemical Fogging – using a water and salt based solution – that is Eco-Friendly and sprays a sanitizing mist that can be used anywhere or E-Spray (Electrostatic Hygienization Technology) a light, easy to use efficient spray gun that can be used by all.

McKechnie Cleaning Services specialises in:

• Production Cleaning – floors, walls, vents, roofs, ledges, windows etc.
• Industrial and Commercial Pressure Washing also known as Hydro Blasting.
• Industrial Vacuuming.
• Interior and Exterior Cleaning.
• HVAC and Ductwork Cleaning.
• Specialised Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance.
• Commercial Kitchen Cleaning.
• External Cleaning – Car park, ground cleaning and building facades.
• Decontamination.

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