Apart from poor visual appearance, dirty windows and façades have the capability to cause damage to a building. The appearance of windows is dependent on the location, angle of inclination, how long they are there, composition and texture, exposure to the washing action of rain and level of care. We have a long history and we have built our reputation of providing the best window cleaning service in the business. At McKechnie Cleaning Services our skilled team, advanced equipment, cleaning materials and technical “know how” combined to offer a professional service for every environment, high-rise, commercial or industrial.

The window cleaning division was set up solely for the purpose of this specialized and skilled task enabling services at any height, angle or design.

What do we at McKechnie Cleaning Services provide in our service?

• A dedicated, local team that can cover multiple locations.
• We use special solutions designed solely for the cleaning and shining of windows.
• We clean not just the windows but the sills, tracks and surrounding area.
• Each window is carefully attended to ensure complete removal of marks or any streaking.

In accordance with HSE guidelines we co-ordinate a tailored plan taking into consideration window/building design to allow for safe cleaning of windows from inside the building itself eliminating any risk. Specific training is given to those working at height as they are required to have the specialist skills, knowledge and experience i.e. a window cleaner involved in abseiling will require different skills, knowledge and experience from one solely cleaning ground windows.

Our cleaning product range for windows can be viewed here.