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As a result of Covid-19, sanitizing dispensers and hygiene stations are in demand. This applies to schools, offices and homes throughout the country as mandatory going forward. Sanitizers are important because they safely remove germs, bacteria as well as other contaminants.

Hygiene stations are very useful for storing PPE items such as nitrile gloves and disposable face masks all in one location.

Dispensers are capable of holding both hand sanitizing gel and hand wash soap. They can be bought wall mounted or free standing. Automatic dispensers are battery operated and require no contact. All the better because this makes them even safer to use. These have overtaken manual or push-button dispensers as the market favourite.

Dispensers can either be free standing or wall mounted. Where it is not possible to have gel dispensers, soap dispensers do provide a healthy alternative. However, handwashing should not be neglected. With no vaccine available, hand hygiene is needed to help fight the spread. Hygiene stations are recommended by the HSE and WHO.

As a result, Covid-19 has changed the way both people and businesses approach hygiene and cleaning. Sanitizing products are now become the norm and not the afterthought.

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