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Applying or using sanitizing products is now essential during the current pandemic. Using new sanitizing innovations, helps to reduce waste, promotes healthy hygiene and most importantly – helps stops infections from spreading. As a result, Covid-19 has changed the way both people and businesses approach sanitizing and hygiene in general.

The Coronavirus has increased demand for new sanitizing innovations. As a result the cleaning industry has responded emphatically. New sanitizing innovations are at the core of what McKechnie Cleaning Services do. Particularly during Covid-19 we are emphasising the use of these new sanitizing innovations and technology. This is due to their effectiveness and quality. For example the use of FiMap E-Spray.

E-Spray is extremely popular and a customer favourite. It is uses the principle of electrostatic induction to spray sanitizing solutions. The E-Spray is a professional appliance that distributes sanitizing solutions. It is light, only 3kg and built for comfort. You can sanitize for hours with minimal fuss.

The Toucan Eco is one of the most effective and eco-friendly products available in 2020. The Toucan Eco uses only salt and water, combined with a little electricity. It has been independently tested and clinically proven to be up to 99.99% against the Coronavirus.

As a result, by applying or using sanitizing products, the user is reducing the microbial count on a surface or on their hands. Sanitizers are very effective by attacking germs. The aim is to kill germs that could potentially infect those they come into contact with. New innovations like these are a must for all businesses or homes.

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