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12.29 Inc. Vat

BG hand sanitiser is a smooth, clear hand sanitiser. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin. The slight odour is designed to let you know your hands are as fresh and clean as can be. This sanitiser drys fast and effectively kills germs to stop them spreading like Coronavirus and other similar strains.

This pump action bottle is ideal for offices and other commercial or public settings. The best choice when sanitising and for maintaining clean hands. Product is food safe and particularly effective in food preparation areas. It is quick drying and will leave the hands supple and smooth.


Soiled hands must be washed before BG HAND SANITISER GEL is applied. Apply sufficient product to ensure total coverage of hands. Rub hands together lightly so that the product dries on all surfaces of both hands. No towelling or other cloth should be used to dry hands. .


  • Alcohol content : 70%
  • Appearance : Clear liquid
  • Odour : Distinct alcohol odour
  • Density at 20ºC (Typical) : 0 .87 kg/l
  • Viscosity at 20ºC (Typical) : Spindle 4, 20 rpm 35-40 poise
  • pH (Typical) : 7.5

Please refer to product Material Safety Data Sheet – Available on request.

  • Brand: BG
  • Product Code: BC1172
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Hand sanitisers have become an everyday part of our lives, where it may not have been before. Sanitiser is now used at home, in the office, at the gym or on public transport. Frend hand Sanitiser Gel is sourced and manufactured in Ireland. Having the facilities to sanitise and clean hands is now a necessity. Well, for the foreseeable future at least. That is why you should choose BG Hand Sanitiser Gel. Part of our sanitizing range.

It is an Alcohol based, antimicrobial hand gel.

Sanitiser is the best alternative to washing your hands while you are on the go. This gel sanitises and cleans your hands of any germs and bacteria so you can remain protected while living your life.

This market that has seen a exponential increase in sales during the 2020 pandemic. This growth of sanitiser sales is forecast to continue for the next 2 years at least. Hand sanitiser is used to remove infectious agents on the hands. In most settings hand washing with soap and water is generally preferred. Sanitising acts as an alternative. One of the best recommended is BG Hand Sanitiser.

BG Hand Sanitiser Gel is a clear gel, that has a slight alcohol odour created to ensure your hands are bacteria free and clean. Sanitiser gel such as this is very effective against a wide range of microorganisms, bacteria and germs. Particularly effective in food preparation areas. It is quick drying and will leave the hands supple and smooth.

This product is sourced and manufactured in Ireland.

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