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Air Freshener – Lemon

9.64 Inc. Vat

Concentrated air freshener spray, fragrance LEMON

Product Code: AKA2004 Category:

*High fragrance concentration: 6%.
*Metal can with security valve to avoid long and continuous dispensations.
*For air fresheners dispensers Jofel refs. AI90000 and AI91000.
*Packaged with natural fragrance, harmless and inocuous gas for the ozone layer.
*Use only with original diffuser.
*Protection cover to prevent from accidental use.
*Under protection cover it includes, in addition, universal use difusser.
*0,065/0,075 gr. dispensed per dose.
*Immediate and persistent effect.
*Particularly suitable for offices, public toilets, and public premises.
*Universal and widespread use.
*250 ml capacity.

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