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Ecover Dishwasher Tablets ‘All-in-One’

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20 in stock

3 in 1 action dishwashing tablets. Powerful degreaser that includes salt action and rinse aid to produce sparkling clean results.

  • Passed Good Housekeeping Institute test and given accreditation.
  • Citrus fragrance
  • Brand: Ecover
  • Product Code: 4002171
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Delivering effective and Earth-friendly cleaning results, these Ecover all-in-one dishwasher tablets are a must-have for any business that cares about its green footprint. Featuring a powerful, plant-based formula, these tablets are able to tackle tough stains and thick grease deposits without using potentially hazardous ingredients such as phosphates. This makes it easy for you to keep both your equipment and the planet clean.

Containing detergent, rinse aid and salt agents, these tablets are able to perform the job of three different solutions in one. This makes dishwashing simple and will save you money on buying separate solutions for your machine.

Dishwasher tabs are used to clean and preserve crockery to prevent you from having to constantly replace dull items. This box of 70 biodegradable Dishwasher Tabs from Ecover efficiently cleanses and degreases stains and heavy soiling from crockery and tableware whilst adding a sparkling shine – reducing money spent of replacements.

Ecover products are made from plant and mineral ingredients and are phosphate-free, providing incredible cleaning results without using harmful chemicals. This makes them the ideal choice for businesses which are working to reduce their impact on the environment; saving the planet as well as your tableware.

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets ‘All-in-One’ Product features

  • Colour White.
  • These all-in-one tablets feature built-in detergent, rinse aid and salt agents.
  • The high-performance, plant-based formula ensures grease and stain-free results.
  • Features a fresh citrus fragrance.
  • Packaged in water-soluble foil, so there’s no need to unwrap or handle the tablet.
  • Suitable for use with all manual-dosing machines.
  • The plant-based ingredients are highly renewable.
  • Free from toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic ingredients such as phosphates.
  • The tablets have low aquatic toxicity and are biodegradable according to international standards.
  • Made in an environmentally responsible factory powered by renewable energy.
  • The tablets are septic tank safe.
  • The packaging is made from recycled cardboard and fully recyclable after use.
  • Passed Good Housekeeping Institute test and given accreditation.
  • Citrus fragrance
  • Brand: Ecover
  • Ecover Dishwasher Tablets Product Code: 4002171
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