Foaming Handwash – 300ml

Foamy stuff. It’s just one of those things that everybody likes. Kind of like marshmallows and puppies, but without all the calories and obedience classes.

So pump, lather, smile and the next thing you know your hands are soft and clean.  What’s not to love especially when the formula is biodegradable, naturally derived and contains no dirty ingredients?

Green Tea & Aloe Vera

Bliss can be defined in a lot of ways. Drinks with umbrellas come to mind but if you were to express it through a scent, it would probably be something very close to this soothing fusion of fresh ivy, agave, green tea and aloe vera.

Sweet Water

If we had a signature scent, it would probably be this. Sweet water is like a cool splash of grapefruit and lemon leaves wrapped in watery petals of star jasmine and lily of the valley. It’s rumored that water from the fountain of youth smells similarly.


As a fragrance, coconut water isn’t all jogging tracks and yoga mats. with light tropical notes and a beachy vibe, this scent knows how to unwind. you can practically hear the palm fronds fluttering softly in the breeze.

METHOD People Against Dirty

Founded in 2000, method is the pioneer of premium planet friendly and design driven home, fabric and personal care products. Formulated with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, method cleaners put the hurt on dirt without doing harm to people, creatures or the planet. Today, method can be found in more than 40,000 retail locations throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. In 2013, method reincorporated as a public benefit corporation, codifying that its corporate governance meets the highest standard of social and environmental ethics.

B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.


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