Cloths for Glass Cleaning – Window Cleaning Equipment. High quality cloth offering all the benefits of microfibre cleaning. Perfect for heavy duty jobs. Cloths like the SmartColor MicroWipe 4000 are Available in 4 colours, to satisfy BICS guidelines on colour coded cleaning. They are:

  • Highly absorbent and fast drying.
  • Attracts and holds dust particles when used dry.
  • You have the choice of a pre-washed cloth.
  • Efficient in removing dirt and bacteria from surfaces due to slight fibre abrasiveness.
  • Estimated Wash Cycles 500 – 1500 wash cycles depending on the cloth.
  • Scrim Cloths & Microfibre cloths available.

Unger window cleaning equipment cloths, supplies and accessories for professional glass cleaning, provide window cleaners with innovative and ergonomic working equipment. This includes besides window squeegees, washers, telescopic poles, cloths such as the SmartColor MicroWipe 4000 and scrapers other cleaning products and accessories for safe and efficient cleaning of glass surfaces.

The UNGER´s Liquid glass cleaning concentrate enables streak-free results for professional window cleaning. In combination with the UNGER washers and window squeegees, best results can be achieved in an ergonomic cleaning process. The use of window squeegees and washers is accompanied by UNGER cleaning cloths, which help to remove residual water.

The SmartColor MicroWipe 4000 is part of McKechnie Cleaning Services Window Cleaning Equipment by Unger. The Unger glass and window cleaning kits enable the professional glass cleaner to get everything he needs carefree in one package. By using the right cleaning technique, a streak-free result can be achieved with the washer and window squeegee without reworking. Using suitable accessories such as bags and belts the cleaning materials can be carried simply over the shoulder or around the waist.

For an effective glass cleaning UNGER offers accessories which ensure a simplified and safer workflow for the cleaning staff. Cleaning system accessories such as angle adapters and extendable pole systems allow the individual adaptation of the cleaning system for an ergonomic workflow.

Further window cleaning equipment accessories for glass cleaning such as tool holders, buckets and gloves are adapted to all challenges of glass and building cleaners by years of experience from UNGER. Window Cleaning tools, detergents and cloths for professional window cleaning can be stored in the practical belts and bags.

RED – High risk areas such as toilets and washrooms. YELLOW – Kitchen and food preparation areas. GREEN – Public areas. BLUE – Low risk areas where there is less risk of bacterial contamination.

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